DLB Investigations

Our Approach

Photographic and video imagery can suffer from a range of issues which can reduce both the visibility of events, and the overall quality of the content. Forensic imagery enhancement can improve the quality to ensure the potential of the image is realised.

Image enhancement undertaken by a image expert can improve the quality of images through processes such as magnification, brightness adjustments and sharpening. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but not if it is blurred, dark and of generally poor quality. Enhancing the image can bring the best out and often create compelling evidence.

Working in conjunction with our specialist partners, we perform forensic imagery enhancement in all sectors including civil trials, family courts, workplace disputes and many others.

Our Services

We can perform enhancements off all digital photos, regardless of the capture method or format, including:

  • Photos taken with a digital camera
  • Stills from CCTV video recordings
  • Mobile phone photos (from all models, including iPhone, Samsung or Nokia)
  • Stills from Body Worn Camera video recordings (for example those worn by Police or Bailiffs)
  • Social media photos


As you might expect from us, our simple instruction process offers our clients a unique opportunity to see the true content of an image, which might not otherwise have clearly distinguishable objects, faces, vehicle number plates, etc.

Our service can improve all kinds of photos and solve a variety of problems including blur, low light, under-exposure, over-exposure, compression artefacts and sensor noise.

Clarity delivers the very best in forensic imagery enhancement by providing you with a clear usable image, which would otherwise have been unusable.


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