DLB Investigations

Our Approach

No other business handles fraud investigations like DLB. Our model always puts quality first, making us more thorough but never slower.

Hand-selected fraud investigators obtain striking results and secure significant savings for our clients. Specialist case managers oversee the investigation lifecycle, working with our field investigation teams on an ‘intelligence-led’ approach to deliver positive outcomes.

We will not cut corners with pro-forma interview templates nor do we simply take a statement. We only conduct in-depth, compliant and effective investigations to materially advance every case.

Our Services

Within the areas of counter-fraud and theft investigation, our services include:

  • Organised motor fraud
  • Motor theft
  • Creditor fraud
  • LSI (Low Speed Impact)
  • Large loss
  • Vehicle fleet and hire claims
  • EL and PL fraud
  • Travel claims


To find out more or enquire about our fraud investigation capabilities and services please contact us.