DLB Investigations

Our Approach

Our continuing eagerness to investigate a different way encourages us to constantly question the norms. That’s why we seek new and innovative methods to provide answers to seemingly unanswerable questions.

This thinking led us to consider the data held by modern vehicles.

Modern vehicles are a mobile network of sophisticated control modules and sensors, much of which goes unnoticed by motorists. But as an essential part of a vehicle’s ability to function, stored data can provide a revealing insight into its operating history.

Our Services

HELIX is our innovative forensic investigation service that gets to the core of a modern vehicle’s DNA. It is expressly designed to aid insurance claims involving vehicles, where irrefutable evidence is sought. Detailed analysis of vehicle control data at the time of an alleged event makes it possible to identify fraudulent claims and avoid potentially costly settlement decisions.

Our three-stage process is quick and transparent. It creates a clear forensic pathway, allowing for targeted investigations.

Stage One: Triage
Our triage report is delivered within four hours. It is inexpensive yet outlines the scope of the onboard systems and seeks to identify the depth and extent of data available. This enables the client to quickly determine how the extracted data will assist their enquiry.

Should further enquiries be required:

Stage Two: Data Interrogation
With the asset owners permission, we conduct an in-depth vehicle investigation, interrogating various onboard control systems, extracting and analysing key data. On completion, we highlight any identified inconsistencies and make informed assessments and interpretations to reach a robust conclusion.

Onboard systems data can reveal information including (but not limited to):

  • Keyless entries data
  • Journey history
  • Parking events
  • Satnav location(s) keyed into the system
  • GPS event data
  • Door openings and closings
  • Hard acceleration events
  • Hard braking events
  • Seatbelt plug-ins at the time of an event
  • Time & date of airbag deployments
  • Time & date of airbag non-deployment alerts
  • USB and Bluetooth device connections made
  • Phone calls and SMS made and received
  • Vehicle fault history


Stage Three: Reporting

With our enquiries complete, we provide a fully documented report that clearly

conveys the results of our investigation in detail. All reports are supported by

key evidence that is fully disclosable in court.

The Helix service can be used as a stand-alone initiative or in conjunction with our range of investigation services, for example pre-or post-interview.

Helix reports are underpinned by signed statements and a fully audited evidential trail, permitting seamless disclosure.


To find out more or enquire about our Helix forensic investigation insight service, please contact us.