DLB Investigations

Our Approach

Our SVA service is especially tailored to address the intricacies of a motor claim that involves only one vehicle and, typically, just one occupant.  


SVA claims are on the rise. At DLB we have been successfully investigating increasing numbers of these claims and, as a result, have identified the key areas of concern and what is required to get results.   


Beyond simply investigating the claim and confirming the circumstances, we go above and beyond ruling out any concerns of fraud and allowing the genuine claims to be paid quickly and with confidence.


Pre-screen fraud enquiries add insight into any potential issues and underpins our robust intelligence led approach.

Our Services

Our SVA investigations service includes (but not limited to):

  • Pre-screen intelligence report
  • Fully detailed statements
  • Gap insurance verification
  • Vehicle Finance checks
  • Policyholder licence verification
  • Vehicle documentation verification
  • Video Locus report   


To find out more or enquire about our SVA service please contact us.